Out of the ordinary, into the infinite. An enigmatic Space opens in Los Angeles, unveiling an ethereal and immersive luxury experience showcasing the brilliant collection of MAOR. Accessible by appointment only, the journey into the universe of MAOR starts online, as a custom profile builds into an imaginative and unique experience. 

Much more than a typical location for casual browsing, MAOR’s Space is designed to create a sense of exploration that allows each individual to discover the brand’s universe through their own personal story and connect with jewelry in a way they haven’t experienced before.

Understanding the particular nature of its products, MAOR has crafted an innovative journey that will become its key differentiating factor. Visits are only available by appointment through here and a brief questionnaire will allow a deeply tailored service.



MAOR will greet its visitors with a clear vision of their motivations and aesthetic inclinations in a pleasant and intimate environment. Marble surfaces provide an elegance setting, while details in brass and pebble grant a mysterious allure that will transport its visitors to a new dimension, almost an interstellar adventure.

The world outside will remain silent while this private journey carries on.

Presenting brilliant designs that are directly inspired by the universe and its intricate movements, The Space features a full selection of exclusive styles and made-to-order pieces.