Early Inspiration

At the age of 13, Maor began making and selling jewelry in his seaside village in Israel, a scenery that gave him a lifelong connection with the ocean and nature. A devoted surfer, Cohen took off In his early twenties for a yearlong surf sabbatical around the world. “Throughout that journey I carried a small box of wire, stones and charms so that I could create bracelets for the kindred spirits I encountered on my path.“

For me it all starts with a visual spark that ignites the creative process within me.

Maor Cohen

The Evolution

Landing in Los Angeles at the the end of his trip, Cohen quickly realized that California was home. “One day, after I’d settled in LA, I rediscovered the jewelry box that I’d carried around the world. ” Rekindling his passion for craftsmanship and creation, Cohen was inspired to make jewels for friends around LA. Within a few years, Cohen opened a flagship showroom, M.Cohen, in Los Angeles with designs that attracted people like Madonna, Chris Hemsworth and David Beckham. As of late, Cohen began to create pieces with luxe materials; gold, diamonds and precious stones and MAOR was born. An evolution of a creator and his subject matter.


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